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Download a copy of the AAALAC Program Description

Attention NEW applicants:

If you are submitting a new application for AAALAC International accreditation, complete the 2016 Program Description, but please click here FIRST to apply!


Attention CURRENTLY ACCREDITED institutions seeking to renew accreditation:

Complete the 2016 version of the Program Description.

Revised Program Description Available: An enhanced version of the Program Description (version 11/19), along with companion instructions, are available for download and use on the AAALAC International website.  Please note that the previous version with a version date of 8/16 is acceptable when submitting your Program Description to AAALAC International. The enhanced version provides:

  1. An appendix and other references to assist institutions in providing the required information on the care and use of cephalopods (i.e., housing, husbandry, veterinary care, surgery and euthanasia, etc.) within the Program Description.
  2. Additional information and assistance in answering the questions within the Program Description through the use of hyperlinks to AAALAC International’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Position Statements.
  3. Clarification regarding information requested in Appendix 11 (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Summary) as well as in the Instructions for Completing the Program Description.

A table that summarizes the revisions is available for download at this link.

Step 1 - Download Instructions

LANGUAGE* / REGION 2016 Version
(updated November 2019)
English Instructions PDF file
European Instructions PDF file
Thai Instructions PDF file

*Translations into additional languages pending...


Step 2 - Download the Program Description

The Program Description (PD) must be submitted in English with the exception of some appendices (see the Instructions for Completing and Submitting the Program Description under Step 1 above, then refer to "Section III. Appendices").

LANGUAGE* / REGION 2016 Version
(updated November 2019)
English PD Word file
European PD Word file
Thai PD Word file

*Translations into additional languages pending...