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If your animal care and use program includes agricultural animals and you are in need of  information, you have come to  the right place! The resources in this section may be of value and for additional information, refer to the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching (Ag Guide, 2020), American Dairy Science Association®, the American Society of Animal Science, and the Poultry Science Association 2020. The Ag Guide, 2020 is one of AAALAC International’s Three Primary Standards used to assess accreditation.

The items listed on this page are for informational purposes. These items may include departures from AAALAC’s Three Primary Standards and/or Reference Resources. In such cases, the Three Primary Standards and Reference Resources take precedence. The three Primary Standards and the Reference Resources should be consulted prior to any programmatic implementation of the items listed in the AAALAC library.

Applying for AAALAC accreditation demonstrates a commitment to continuous animal care and use improvement and quality science. Contact the AAALAC International Office with questions.

Agricultural Resources

AAALAC Ag Update (Fall 2021)

Ag Update

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