program status evaluation

Apply for a PSE

You can download PSE application materials here, or e-mail AAALAC to request an application be sent to you.

There are three documents you need to download. The first is an application, and the second is instructions you will need to complete your "Program Description," and the third is the Program Description template* which will provide AAALAC with the information it needs to evaluate your animal care and use program.


Step 1. Download and complete the PSE application


Step 2 - Download Instructions for completing and submitting a Program Description


Step 3 - Download the Program Description

*The European version of the Programme Description is designed for programmes located in member countries of the Council of Europe, but may be helpful to other programmes as well.


Step 4 - Submit your completed PSE application package to AAALAC

  • For details on submitting your Program Description, review the "Instructions" document under Step 2 above, then refer to "Section VI, Instructions for Submitting the Program Description to the AAALAC International Executive Office."


If you have any questions, please e-mail AAALAC at

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