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News from AAALAC International

Thai Association for Laboratory Animal Science (TALAS), June 4-8, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

Including the Post-Conference Workshop: "Attaining AAALAC International Accreditation -- Myth and Fact," June 8


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Program Overview for foreign participants

On 4th June 4, 2018, laboratory animal facility tours will be arranged for 9:00 -12:00. There are three choices for limited number of pre-registered foreign participants only.

  • Unites States Army Medical Directorate, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (USAMD-AFRIMS), Bangkok -- limited 15 persons
  • National Institute of Health (Thai NIH), Nonthaburi -- limited 10 persons
  • Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok -- limited 10 persons

Concurrently, a pre-conference Basic Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) workshop I will be offered in Thai for Thai participants only.

On 5-7th June 2018, the main TALAS conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom Hotel. The key topics include: advanced IACUC and scientists training on global trends of animal welfare, harm-benefit analysis, refinement of animal techniques, improving animal protocols and reproducibility of results, and current issues in laboratory animal sciences (alternatives to OECD-GLP regulated animal testing, minipig models, patient-derived-xenograft colony maintenance, animal models for Dengue viruses, mouse models selection, microbiome and Gnotobiotic research). All presentations will be in English.

On 8th June 2018, post-conference half-day workshop programs will be held at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University (CU), Bangkok.

  • Morning Workshop II: Attaining AAALAC International Accreditation: Myth and Fact in English
  • Afternoon Workshop III: Rodent Anesthesia and Analgesia in English (Limited 25 persons)

 Early Bird Registration Fee (until 31 Mar 18):

  • The 4th June 2018 facility tour fee is 20 USD.

Transportation will be provided from/to Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom Hotel.

  • The registration fee for the main conference including lunch (5th to 7th June 2018) will be 350 USD.
  • The AAALAC International workshop "Attaining AAALAC International Accreditation: Myth and Fact" in English: registration fee (including lunch) will be 50 USD, held on 8th June 2018 in the morning (08:30 to 13:00).
  • The Rodent Anesthesia and Analgesia workshop in English: registration fee (including the two reference books and lunch) will be 280 USD, held on 8 Jun 18, 12:00 to 16:30 (or 13:00 to 16:30 if you took the morning AAALAC International workshop and had lunch there already).

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Mark you calendars!
15-16 October 2018 at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona, Spain

ESLAV, ECLAM, AAALAC International and SECAL Conference 2018

Please join ESLAV, ECLAM, AAALAC International and SECAL for this two-day Conference that will explore current challenges and expectations related to quality laboratory animal care and the translatability of experimental animal studies.

The ESLAV, ECLAM, AAALAC International and SECAL Conference 2018 will be held on 15-16 October 2018 at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona, Spain. The Conference will focus on translatability of animal research, including advances on laboratory animal science, and quality issues identified during AAALAC International site visits. The Conference includes the participation of representatives of the European Commission.

More details and program information are available here:

AAALAC International highlights include:

  • Typical Findings and Quality Expectations for Ethical Review and Oversight. The AAALAC Experience. Aurora Bronstad, Univ. Bergen, Norway, AAALAC International Council Member

  • Typical findings and Quality Expectations for Veterinary Care. The AAALAC Experience. Gabi Itter, Sanofi-Aventis, Frankurt, Germany, AAALAC International Council Member

  • Typical Findings and Quality Expectations for Internal Communication in Animal Care and Use Programs. The AAALAC Experience. Janet Rodgers, AAALAC International Council Member

  • The benefits of AAALAC International Accreditation in establishing a culture of care and its impact on supporting translational research. Kathryn Bayne, AAALAC International Chief Executive Officer

Specific questions about the Conference may be directed to: Javier Guillen, DVM, Senior Director for Europe and Latin America, AAALAC International,


AAALAC International adopts new governance structure and accompanying bylaws, holds first meeting of new Directors

February 2017 - During its last annual meeting in September, AAALAC International ratified a change in its governance structure and created a Board of Directors (BOD). Since then, the organization held elections and named a new BOD comprised of six officers, six directors, and two representatives from the Council on Accreditation (the president and vice president). The new BOD was elected by the Member Organization Delegates (previously known as the Board of Trustees) who represent a wide variety of prestigious scientific and educational professional organizations from around the world. The change to the new governance structure enhances the responsiveness of AAALAC International's governing body to the needs of the organization and its program participants and further engages the Member Organizations through the formation of Advisory Groups. The Board of Directors held a very productive first meeting earlier this month.

"The new Board of Directors is committed to the future of AAALAC International and is part of a milestone event in the history of our organization," said Dr. Kathryn Bayne, AAALAC International's Chief Executive Officer. "AAALAC is privileged to be on the receiving end of the Board's expertise and wisdom."


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