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European Conference 2021

2021 AAALAC International European Conference
Programme Challenges, Expectations and Innovations

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To be held virtualy via Zoom on two consecutive afternoons Central European Time (CET): 16-17 June 2021.

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Presenters will share findings identified during AAALAC site visits and expectations for key program areas, as well as commendable practices and improvements recently implemented by AAALAC accredited programs. There will also be an explanation of how AAALAC has adapted its activities during the pandemic, and updates concerning the legislative framework in Europe and the future revision of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. Although the practical cases presented are from European accredited programs, the Conference is open to professionals from all areas of the world.


16 June

Time (CET)


Opening 14.00-14.05 Kathryn Bayne (CEO, AAALAC)
Javier Guillén (Senior Director Europe & Latin America, AAALAC)

Veterinary Care

Typical findings/expectations 14.05-14.20 Rony Kalman
(AAALAC Council Member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 14.20-15.00 Units representatives:
  • Güldal Süyen (ViceRector, Acibadem University, Turkey) “How to improve the veterinary care program-Acibadem University experience”
  • Cristian Berce (Attending Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Officer,Roche Zurich, Switzerland) “Next generation symptom scoring for rodents using an automated spreadsheet”
  • Philip Pedersen (Designated Veterinarian, Gubra, Denmark) "Gubra Vet. Loop"
  • Catherine Vroonen (Head of Laboratory Animal Service, UCB, Belgium) "Pain scoring sheets for severe models"
Typical findings/expectations 15.00-15.20 Samuel Vidal
(AAALAC Council member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 15.20-16.00
  • Edith Stuyven (Ablynx, Belgium) Disaster Plan Training
  • David Ayensa (Managing Director, Granja San Bernardo, Spain) “Implementation of an OHS training program”
  • Güldal Süyen (ViceRector, Acibadem University, Turkey) “Training the Veterinary Team Members”
  • Héloise Vollmer (Manager of veterinary services, Charles River Lyon Safety Assessment) "CPD program: refinement and monitoring in a French CRO"
Break 16.00-16.15  
Health and Safety    
Typical findings/expectations 16.15-16.35 Marion Berard
(AAALAC Council member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 16.35-17.15

Units representatives:

  • Jennifer Jund (Quality and OHS Manager, Silabe, France) "OHS facility and personnel improvements after an AAALAC site visit"
  • Juliette Schmitt (Sanofi, France) Ergonomy
Animal Environment 1    
Typical findings/expectations 17.15-17.35 Susanne Rensing
(AAALAC Council member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 17.35-18.15

Units representatives:

  • Edith Stuyven (Ablynx, Belgium). Management of llamas & alpacas
  • Louise Kiernan (CRL, Ireland). Rabbit housing

17 June

Time (CET)



AAALAC in Covid times and beyond

Overview of AAALAC activities 14.00-14.20

Gary Borkowski
(Global Director, AAALAC)

Hybrid site visits in practice 14.20-15.00
  • Delphine Denais-Lalieve (AAALAC Council member; Head of Animal Resources and Designated Veterinarian, IRSN France)
  • David Martin-Borie (Director of Animal Science and Welfare Department, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health France) "Hybrid site visit in practice – Institutional and site visit team perspectives: a collaborative work"
Ethical Review Process    
Typical findings/expectations 15.00-15.20 Delphine Denais-Lalieve
(AAALAC Council member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 15.20-16.00

Units representatives:

  • Claudio Bernardi (Animal Welfare Officer – Operations & Compliance Director, Accelera Srl, Italy) “Enhanced AWB role following the confluence of the preexisting EC”
  • Severine Fourquié/Andrea Garcia (Study Directors and Responsible persons for the Ethics Committee and Animal Welfare Body, Avogadro LS, France) Ethics Committee: annual report in AvogadroLS
  • Martina Knoedler (Animal Wefare Officer and Site Head, Nuvisan GmbH Grafing, Germany) “Engagement of the AWB in periodic reviews of the ACU program"
  • tbd (GSK, UK) Culture of care
Break 16.00-16.15  

Physical Plant/Animal Environment II

Typical findings/expectations 16.15-16.35 Nicola Watts
(AAALAC Council member)
Examples of improvements and good practice 16.35-17.15

Units representatives:

  • Miriam Wetzel (Animal Welfare Officer – Head of Dog and Minipig Facility, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG, Germany) and Katharina Niedermeier (Attending Veterinarian – Head of Animal Facility and Veterinary Services, Nuvisan GmbH, Germany) Tellington TTouch as a Refinement Tool for Laboratory Animals:
    • Integration in the Animal Care and Use Programme
    • Practical implementation for dogs and minipigs
  • Therese Edström (Regulatory Manager, AstraZeneca Gothenburg, Sweden) “Male mouse housing: an example of how to deal with social housing of male mice”
EU Directive update /
Guide revision
Developments in the EU 17.15-17.45 Susanna Louhimies (Policy co-ordinator, DG Environment, European Commission) Developments in the EU
Guide revision 17.45-18.15 Teresa Sylvina (Director, ILAR; Director, OiE Collaborating Centre for Science and Welfare of Animals in Research) “The Future of the Guide
Closure 18.15-18.20 Javier Guillén (Senior Director Europe & Latin America, AAALAC)


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