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IQ Consortium and AAALAC International 2015 Global 3Rs Awards Program

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The Global 3Rs Awards program recognizes significant innovative contributions toward the 3Rs of animal research to advance ethical science, by any researcher1,2 (nominated author, principal investigator, or research team leader) in academia or industry in any area of biology (e.g., basic science, discovery, development, teaching, testing, manufacture for new medicines, vaccines, medical devices or healthcare products for humans and animals).Up to four Global Awards (North America, Europe, Pacific Rim, and the Rest of World) will be presented in 2022 in the amount of $5,000 (USD) each. Award nominations must be based on a primary research paper that advances any of the 3Rs (i.e., the Refinement, Replacement or Reduction of animal use) and is published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last three (3) years. These may include modifications to existing research techniques or any innovative research approach including, but not limited to: improvements to whole-animal models, tissue-based models (e.g., cell lines, tissue cultures), molecular techniques (e.g., proteomics), analytic and computational models, study design or technique refinements (e.g., sampling technologies, improved test methods), and translational medicine applications. Meta-analyses that develop fundamental new insights into the 3Rs are also eligible, but the methodology must be described within the paper as this is one of the scoring criteria.

Nomination Package/Publication Criteria:

The Nomination Package:

  • Nominating Letter (candidates may self-nominate)
  • Completed Application Form
  • Copy of the Published Research Paper

Timeline for the IQ Awards nomination process:

  • Call for nominations: January-May
  • Nomination package deadline: 4:00 p.m. EDT, June 1
  • Award recipients notified: August
  • Award Presentation: October

If you are emailing your application, please assemble as one PDF file. Then submit your Nomination Package to:


Mail: AAALAC International
c/o The Global 3Rs Awards Selection Committee
5205 Chairman's Court, Suite 300
Frederick, MD 21703

Receipt of application will be confirmed by email to candidates by June 8, 2022. If you have not received confirmation or have any questions about this award, please call +301.696.9626 or email

3Rs Awards Disclaimer
The selection of the awardees represents the opinion of the reviewers. These reviewers regard these publications as innovations and promising advances worthy of recognition and reinforcement of exposure to the greater biomedical community. Award selection is not an endorsement or expectation that these specific 3Rs methods/procedures must be used by IQ Companies and/or AAALAC International accredited institutions. Ultimate adoption of a specific 3Rs strategy into a specific program is often complex and may include acceptance by regulatory bodies. Moreover, the committee recognizes that significant scientific corroboration and experience with the application of the new techniques may be required before a specific method or procedure warrants or achieves widespread adoption.

Individuals interested in applying for a Global 3Rs Award are expected to consider both real (i.e., financial or other personal or professional considerations) and perceived (i.e., an appearance of being at an advantage) conflicts of interest before submitting their applications. Questions regarding a potential conflict of interest may be directed to the AAALAC international Chief Executive Officer (

1The nominated researcher may not be a human health professional legally authorized to practice (Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Podiatry, Doctor of Optometry, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine)

2The award is presented to the principal investigator, research team leader, or other nominated author. Where there are joint first authors, the award will be presented to one of the first authors. If a research team or group is applying, all authors must be listed and meet the above criterion.

3Research papers must be published between June 1, 2019 and June 1, 2022. Only one paper may be nominated. Papers previously submitted to the Global 3Rs Award program are not eligible.

Apply Online

Or download and complete the Application Form in Word format.


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