AAALAC International Fellow Criteria and Nomination Guidelines

The Fellowship recognizes two outstanding individuals—one IAT Registry Participant (RAnTech) and one AALAS Registry Participant (RALAT, RLAT, RLATG, or CMAR)—who have made (or have the potential to make) significant contributions to the field of laboratory animal care and use.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Must be a current member of the UK Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) or the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).
  2. Must be a current participant in the AALAS Registry or an IAT Registered Animal Technologist (RAnTech).
  3. The nomination package shall include:
    • Nominating letter (candidates may self-nominate)
    • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • No more than three letters of support (excluding the nominating letter)
    • Written statement (not to exceed 500 words) by the candidate describing why s/he should be selected for this award.
    • Candidate’s contact information (mailing address, email address and phone number)
  4. Be sure to address these points in your application package...
    • What have you done to promote animal welfare and refinement in your workplace?
    • What have you done to promote animal welfare and refinement outside of your workplace?
    • How have you shared your knowledge of laboratory animal care with others?
    • If you are selected, how will this award benefit your career and your associates?
    • How will you translate this experience back to your workplace and your local association?
    • Does your package include evidence of leadership or leadership potential and participation with posters,
      presentations or publications?
    • Based on your experience, what role does AAALAC International play in ensuring the humane treatment of animals in science. Describe your interactions with AAALAC International (e.g., participated in a site visit; helped prepare your institution for a site visit; reviewed the information on the AAALAC International website such as the FAQ's, Position Statements, Newsletters; attended an AAALAC presentation, etc.)?
    • Have you participated in overseas meetings in the past?

Awardees are expected to share their experiences briefly by preparing a written report for AAALAC International.